Tuesday, July 26, 2011

GG's Bar and Grill - AC Replacement Part 1

GMC AC Services recently removed an old AC unit from GG's Bar and Grill in Hollywood and replaced it with a brand new unit. Take a peek at some of the removal pictures!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Internet Specials!

We know that saving money in any way, shape or form is on everyone's mind lately. If you need AC services, be sure to mention one of our Internet Specials and SAVE!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Dirty Coils

When a coil becomes fouled with dirt and grime, it cannot provide adequate or designed heat transfer causing higher discharge pressures. The higher discharge pressure requires more electricity thereby, increasing the costs for operating the equipment. The energy consumption of equipment operating with dirty coils can be as much as 37% more than that used by equipment with clean coils.

For example, a typical 5-ton air conditioning system operating for an average cooling season of 2,400 hours, with clean coils, will cost approximately $2,020 to operate. However, when the coils become dirty, the nine-month cost could escalate to $2,768 a 37% increase or a $778 savings by keeping the coils clean.

As the dirt and grime collect on the coils it restricts heat transfer causing the compressor to work harder. This adds more heat to the system and raises the head pressure as much as 75%. Higher head pressure can result in a loss of up to 30% of the systems cooling capacity. This loss will be most noticeable on the HOTTEST DAYS when cooling is needed the most!


Higher operating pressures and temperatures caused by dirty coils can reduce the equipment's life expectancy. The elevated system pressure and temperature can lead to the breakdown of the compressor's lubricant. In addition acid formation can occur, leading to an acid burnout. Lubricant breakdown and acid formation will seriously compromise the compressor and ultimately lead to equipment failure. Compressor failure means NO COOLING. No cooling means no comfort. And, a compressor replacement means a costly repair.


The evaporator, or inside coil, presents major concerns that include, and go beyond, the issues already discussed. A fouled and dirty evaporator coil creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mold that can impact the indoor air quality. Cleaning, Sanitizing and Protecting the evaporator coil and surrounding areas is critical. Specific cleaners and products will be required for these applications

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Customer Testimonials

We love to get feedback from our customers. Check out some of these great testimonials we've received!

"Skip, your crew is doing a dynamite job. A clean-hard working methodical outfit. Thanks for the great deal. You guys ROCK!"
Lawrence Legg, CPA
Hollywood, Florida
Replace the duct system located in the 2nd story of his home and install a Whole Home air sanitizing system.

"Skip, your installation crew was great! They worked efficiently, and were very neat. We really appreciated your company getting our new unit installed, and running in 1 day!"
Rob & Michelle Higdon
Hollywood, Florida
Replace existing 4 ton package unit with new unit

""Excellent Job" the installation was done very professionally! I really appreciated your personal follow-up after the job was completed. I have already referred your company to 2 of my neighbors."
Dr. Bret Emery
Weston, Florida
Re-install customers existing A/C equipment (which was removed for mold abatement) and clean/sanitize entire duct system

"Skip, thanks for saving us this summer! Your next day replacement of our entire system, with a high efficiency system from RUUD was great! My wife and I love how quiet the variable speed air handler is. We were also pleasantly surprised how affordable the system replacement was, considering the FP&L rebate AND the $1,000 rebate from RUUD."
William Wood (Moss Construction)
Loxahatchee, Florida
Replace existing system with 4 ton high efficiency system

"God bless you, for helping us upgrade our air conditioning system in the Church. You have made our Church much more comfortable!"
Father Patrick Murnane, Pastor Nativity Catholic Church
Hollywood, Florida
Replace 60 ton Air Cooled Chiller & 15 ton Air Handler

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