Monday, January 9, 2012

Maintenance is essential

Preventative maintenance is essential to your air conditioning unit. Regular maintenance helps to:

  • extend the life of your unit
  • ensure your unit works properly at all times
  • reduce the number of repair calls and emergencies
  • reduce your overall cost for repair
  • save you time and money
Maintenance is necessary for both individuals and corporations. A recent article about a city library highlights the need for regular maintenance before you notice a major problem. In this particular case, the unit is so old that carpeting is ruined, the library has fallen out of favor with the residents, and rennovations have become necessary. This could have been avoided. 

Read the story here. Source: News OK

Friday, January 6, 2012

Licensed and Insured

Why should I use a licensed and insured contractor? 

There are always those people looking for the opportunity to take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately there are those who prey on the misfortune of others in unscrupulous and often illegal ways. Do not feel rushed into making agreements with contractors. It is in the best interest of both homeowners and legitimate, licensed contractors to protect homeowners from scams by unlicensed contractors.

There are many reasons to use a licensed contractor, even if you think you can save a few dollars by accepting an unlicensed contractor’s bid. It is cheap insurance using a licensed contractor. If the homeowner contracts with an unlicensed person or company, then the homeowner can be held liable for on-the-job injuries sustained by that unlicensed person’s or company’s employees. Sometimes even the homeowner’s insurance will not cover this, all because the contractor is unlicensed. This exposes you, the homeowner to liability you never dreamed of, all because the contractor lied to you about being licensed. Using a licensed contractor offers protection to the homeowner in the following ways: The contractor knows his trade and has been tested and is bonded for this.

GMC is fully licensed and insured for all your AC / HVAC needs.

Source: YCCA