Sunday, October 30, 2011

Money Saving Tips

Saving money on your energy bill doesn't have to be hard! Follow some of these simple tips and watch the savings add up!

Use the AUTO setting
Generally, it is best to set your indoor fan to AUTO. This costs less and provides better humidity control in the summer. However, if you desire to operate your system with constant air circulation, ask for advice from your Ruud Reliable Top Contractor.

Control direct sunlight

Let the sun in during winter. Keep the sun out during summer. In summer, direct sunlight increases the load on your cooling system. Use of window shades and awnings will reduce the amount of direct sunlight and lower the cooling load. In winter, direct sunlight reduces the load on your heating system. Open window shades and awnings to increase direct sunlight and lower the heating load.

Keep the condenser coil clean
The condenser coil (the unit outside your house) should be kept clean to ensure efficient operation. If the condenser coil becomes restricted by dirt, lint, paper, grass clippings, leaves, or other debris,system efficiency will deteriorate. Use a garden hose to keep the condenser coil clean.

Insulate air ducts
Be sure all air ducts are well-insulated. Ducts should also be sealed with a vapor barrier.

Keep an air tight house
Ensure maximum retention of heated or cooled air by adding insulation to outside walls and to the attic. Seal cracks and use storm doors and/or insulated doors to prevent air leaks.

Properly vent clothes dryers
Be sure your clothes dryer is vented to the outside. Also ensure that your clothes dryer is vented away from your outdoor unit.

Keep heat away from the thermostat
Make sure no heat-generating appliances are near your thermostat. These include lamps, TVs, stereo and computer equipment.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Understand...

We understand that no one is comfortable hiring a company by the hour. After all, we are consumers too! That is why, when you do business with GMC Air Conditioning Services, you will be quoted a flat price for your repair, and that is all you will pay, regardless of how long the job takes. We charge a small diagnostic fee in order to determine the problem with your A/C system and then we let you know exactly what the cost to repair will be. It is that simple, no hidden charges!

Our goal is that you are 100% satisfied with the products and services we offer you. To this end we make the following pledge. If you are not completely satisfied with a product or service you have purchased from us, simply let us know and we will do what's necessary for you to be completely satisfied. Satisfied customers are our most important product!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What is a thermostat?

A thermostat is the control device used to set or change the temperature of a room or building. Thermostats help us to keep the temperature in our homes at a reasonable level. When a desired temperature is set, the thermostat detects the current temperature in the house and turns the air conditioner on to heat or cool the house to the temperature that was set. Once that temperature has been reached, the thermostat turns the air conditioner off.

Having a thermostat in your home can save you money by regulating the temperature accordingly. Investing in an automatic thermostat can save you even more by allowing you to set an automated heating or cooling regimen. Basically you set the desired temperatures for morning, noon and night and the thermostat does the rest! 

To have a new or updated thermostat installed in your home, call GMC AC Services!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Air Filter vs. Air Purifier

Air Filter - 

Air filters are available in many sizes - varying in length and width according to the system in which they are being inserted. The thickness of an air filter will determine how well it works.

Air filters are typically made with straight fiber media or pleated media. Pleated media typically performs better than straight media because the pleated filters provide more surface area in the same amount of space as a straight filter. Because pleated filters offer less resistance, they also allow an A/C system to perform more efficiently overall.

Air filters are simply parts that are used in an HVAC system to maintain the quality of the air within the home.

Air Purifiers - 

Air Purifiers work to remove particles and gases from the air that are often too small for a regular A/C filter to handle. These particles are typically so small that they cannot be seen but can often be detected by smell. Some of the most common gases and particles that air purifiers are used to clean up are:

-Potassium Permanganate

Most air purifiers are designed with multistage replaceable elements in order to handle the filtration and absorption needs necessary.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nativity Catholic Church Project

GMC AC Services replaced the AC unit and pipes at Nativity Catholic Church. You can see a drastic difference from the before and after pictures!