Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fresh Air with Fresh-Aire UV Purity

Studies have shown viruses can spread through the air as well as by physical contact so a preventive strategy must include an effective method of air disinfection. Hand washing alone will not do the job!

Fortunately an ideal solution already exists. For over a century Germicidal Ultraviolet Irradiation or UVGI has been recognized as a highly effective tool against airborne and surface microbial infection. UV light systems are routinely used for disinfection in hospitals,the food industry, and in water purification. In recent years there has been a tremendous growth in the number of UV lights installed in HVAC systems large and small as a means to reduce maintenance by suppressing mold growth and to provide healthier indoor air quality for occupants.

These lights are so effective because microbes have no defense against C-band ultraviolet light (UV-C) which is Germicidal UV Light: A Defense Against Airborne Infectious Diseases not present in daylight (it’s filtered out by the atmosphere). UV-C light sterilizes germs by penetrating their cell walls and scrambling the DNA inside leaving them incapable of reproduction. In the past, UV light has been shown to be effective against influenza strains (including ‘bird’ flu) as well as SARS, legionella, TB, pneumonia, German measles, and many other airborne infectious diseases.

Source: GMC AC Services

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